Creating a Service Request


This solution will show you the steps needed to create an IT service request for common IT services and equipment.



1. Navigate to the Information Technology Help Desk portal in your browser by going to


Fig. 1 IT Help Desk portal address in web browser


2. Click "Report a Problem".


Fig. 2 Request a Service icon



3. If you are prompted to login, use your City network username and password.

Fig. 3 Network Login Prompt



4. On the Service Catalog page, select the equipment or service you would like to request.

  • You can select a category along the left to filter by category.
  • You can search for a Service Item by name.

Fig. 4 Service Catalog


4. After finding the Service Item, click the Request Now button. On the Service ltem page, fill out any additional fields needed then click the Place Request button. If you are requesting the item for another employee, select the "Request for someone else" checkbox and enter their email address.

Fig. 5 Service Item page

5. After clicking Request now, a Service Request ticket will be submitted to the Help Desk for review and will be worked on. You will be notified via email when the ticket has been completed. You can also review the status of your ticket(s) by clicking Your Tickets on the IT Help Desk portal.