1. Open Outlook to the Home tab

2. Right click on the archive folder you want to merge into the other folder and select "Close"

    Eg. You have 2 archive folders, Archive 1 and Archive 2, and you want to merge Archive 2 into Archive 1. Close Archive 2

3. Click File in the upper-left and select Open & Export from the menu on the left

4. Select Import/Export

5. Click on "Import from another program or file" and then Next

6. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) from the menu and click Next

7. Use the Browse option to navigate Windows Explorer to your PST location. (This should be in your network user folder. If you are archiving to a local location or need assistance in locating your archives, please contact the Helpdesk)

8. Once you have located and selected the archive you wish to merge, click next.

    Note that you have 3 options for merging with regards to duplicate entries; Replace, Allow for Duplicates, or Do not import duplicates

9. Use the menu tree to select specific sub-folders to import, or select the parent folder to import the entire PST

10. Use the option for "Import items into the same folder in:" to select the archive you want to import into

11. Select Finish. Once the process completes, your archives will have been merged into one folder.