Installing Applications Through the Application Catalog or "Appcat"


     The Application Catalog, Appcat, or Apps is where commonly requested and approved applications are made available for city users to install on their own. This article will walk you through this simple process and provide you visual instructions on how to install applications using this self-service utility. You will also see an example of how you will know the installation is complete and a link to Apps.



Installing Applications from Apps:

1        1. Open internet explorer, and in the address bar enter 'apps/". If you are reading this article in internet explorer now you may click on this link. Once on the Apps page you will see a list of application that are available for city users to install on their own. Find your application, click on it, and click the install button in the lower right-hand corner.




Fig. Apps main page


2. The installation will begin and you will be prompted to make sure that you want to install this application.

Fig 2. Installation Confirmation

3. Once the installation is complete, you will see the confirmation screen and be prompted to confirm. Click OK.

Fig 3. Installation Complete

4. If you do not see an application that you need, you must contact the help desk in order to have the application added for you.